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Cactus Unlimited

Cactus Unlimited is a wholesale grower and distributor of low water use xeriscape plants. We offer complete plant brokership as well as custom growing. Cactus Unlimited specializes in seven types of plants, which include Agaves, cactus, desert trees, and shrubs. Cold hardy palm trees, succulent ground covers, and a full line of accent plants such as Yuccas, Ocotillo, Sotol, nolinas, and ornamental grasses. These plants are generally available in 1 gallon through 48" box and/or bareroot sizes, depending upon species as well as what is prescribed.

Plant Availability

  • All plants are either field harvested or container grown.
  • All plants have open availability on all sizes.
  • Containerized nursery grown specimens are available in 1 gallon to 48" box size.
  • Bare-root plants and specimen plants are available upon request.

Shipping & Handling

  • Generally shipping amounts to 15% of gross order with a minimum $1000.00 base order or $1.00 per running mile, whichever is applicable.
  • All plants shipped C.O.D. unless otherwise noted.

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