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Cactus Unlimited

We offer desert plants that are water efficient, versatile, and add color and texture to any landscape.

Throughout the southwest there is a concern about conservation of our limited water resources. Water efficient plants will enhance any landscape and are low maintenance.

Our plants varied shapes and sizes will help you create the most unique landscape designs. Most provide year-round greenery and display dazzling seasonal color while reflecting the beauty of the natural desert.

Cactus Unlimited specializes in cacti, agaves, and yuccas. We also handle a full line of common southwest desert "xeriscape" trees, shrubs, and accent plants.

Agave Parryii Claret Cup Cactus Fire Barrel Cactus Fishhook Barrel Cactus Golden Barrel Cactus Great White Yucca Ocotillo Spanish Dagger Yucca Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus Texas Blue Barrel Cactus Texas Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus Thompson Yucca Yucca Rostrata

Cacti are naturally adapted to the arid climates of the Southwest and are some of the least demanding landscape plants. Cacti offer unusual shapes and beautiful flowers while being drought and heat tolerant.

Agaves are drought tolerant ornamental landscape succulents with significant variation in their size, color, form and flower. Their bold form contrasts with other plants, provides accents, and complements all cacti as well as other plants.

Yuccas are hardy, drought tolerant, landscape plants with spiky foliage, and create striking silhouettes and accents. Their springtime flower clusters are magnificent. Yuccas complement any landscape from desert to traditional.

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